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Intervista a RMS //Richard Matthew Stallman//

Su LinuxDevCenter è apparsa un’intervista al grande Richard Stallman realizzata da Federico Biancuzzi (giornalista dell’ottima rivista Linux&Co).

Molte le domande su cui Stallman non ha mancato di fornire risposte interessanti.

Una domanda in particolare ha evidenziato i contrasti tra il padre del progetto Gnu e Linus Torvald (creatore del kernel Linux). Biancuzzi ha chiesto a RMS come valuti l’utilizzo da parte di Torvald di un software proprietario BitKeeper per la gestione distribuita delle modifiche ai sorgenti del kernel.

Ecco il botta e risposta (in inglese) tra Biancuzzi e RMS:

FB: GNU/Linux (the complete OS!) is probably the most known free software project. What do you think about the fact that Linux (the kernel!) uses a proprietary program to manage its source code?

RMS: It is unfortunate when anyone uses proprietary software. Using it publicly for the development of a prominent free software package is particularly unfortunate, because it sets a bad example for the community.

FB: Isn’t there any free alternative under development?

RMS: There are already free programs that do the same basic job. Linus Torvalds feels they are not convenient enough, and he values convenience more than he values standing firm for freedom. I think that is leading the community in the wrong direction.

As part of the GNU Project, Tom Lord is developing a new free source control system called Arch, which we hope will outdo the proprietary ones. But just because we are competing with proprietary software on issues of technical merit doesn’t mean we think people should choose the program for source control based on technical qualities alone. That would mean assigning zero value to freedom itself. If you value freedom, you will resist the temptation to use a program that takes away your freedom, whatever technical advantages it may have.

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